Magnifiques et écologiques

Belles : beautiful

Bobettes : is a slang word that signifies underthings or underwear in Québéquer. This word is mainly and probably, only used in Québec, Canada.

Every Belles Bobettes finds its origins in the forgotten-somewhere-fabric or in the t-shirt or legging it was before. Yep that's right! All bobette is made of recycled, upcycled and lost and found materials.Great efforts are made to create unique product that stay true to this vision. There is no reason to create more stuff; there is already plenty on this planet and my goal is to use this post-consumed stuff and make beautiful and rad goods out of it.

Since its beginning, Les Belles Bobettes always wanted to put emphasis on the plurality of body shapes and genders. Today, i am proud to offer various sizes and promoting body positivity and self-love. I've also created genderless products which allow people of any gender to where them and feel good about being who they want to be.

In the future, Les Belles Bobettes will transform it's Etsy store to provide exact sizing for each garment making it easier for you to get the perfect product for your cute behind.

Stay tuned!

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